FREE: Malefica virtual high-gain distortion pedal

Here’s something cool from Evil Sound Lab – the Malefica, a virtual high-gain distortion guitar pedal based on an original design.

Here’s the spiel:

“First of all we have analyzed circuits of ton of guitar pedals to design the darkest, most evil and mystic tone with unique character that would fit a wide range of extreme music genres.
After that, we have made its physical model on the tip of the pen and prepared it with most precise and modern mathematical algorithms. Finally, our designer has added magical artwork, and that is it! Witchery is alive.”


  • Common output level (alias “Evil” in the plug-in), tone (“Witch”), dist (“Mist”) and bypass controls
  • 3 modes switch for the different sound colour
  • 3 modes switch for the different clipping character
  • additional tweak controls: pre-gain and focus frequency of tone control
  • stereo/mono modes switch
  • 8x oversampling switch for an extra high precision

Installation requires you to download and run Oracle Java SE Runtime Environment 8. I haven’t done it, so if you have, drop us a line and tell us your experience.

Available for Windows and Linux.

Download it here:

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