FREE: Filta Crunch Amp VST


Looking to add crunch and bite to those tracks? Check out the FC01 and its update, the FC02.

The spiel:

“FC01 is a re-creation of an insert signal chain used in many studios when tracking drums, instruments or vocals for recording. It consists of a classic Moog type filter, a tube amp drive similar to the ARM 101, and nice straight forward waveshaper with gain, gain squared, and gain cubed respectively.”

“FC01 is a nice tool to help beef up kicks, add sizzle to a snare, or just add a bit of distortion to allow a vocal to cut through a mix.”

  • 128 user presets
  • MIDI automation
  • Waveshaper
  • 2-pole 24db filter
  • Dual Channel Tube amp drive emulation

The FC02 (link below) adds presence, improved the filter and made other enhancements to the Waveshaper.

PROS: They both sound sweet

CONS: You’ll need to hand over your email address to get them



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