FREE: GClip Limiter VST

The guys at GVST are cool. They’ve got a bunch of great stuff, including the easiest-to-use auto-tuner you’ll ever meet, the GSnap, and easiest gate you’ll ever use, the GGate.

Today we’ve got the GClip, a limiter/wave shaper VST.

In keeping with the GVST philosophy, the GClip is super-simple to use, but does the job exceptionally well. The display and interface makes using this tool absolutely idiot-proof and the results are top-notch. Here’s how they put it:

“The GUI features a wave display to aid configuration. Simply play the audio and watch the wave display while you set the desired values for input gain, clip-level and softness.”

You can set the knee, turn oversampling on and off, and anything else that you need to.

Get it.

PROS: Simple, intelligent stuff.

CONS: None.

Freeware for Windows.


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