FREE: TS Secret Vintage Overdrive VST

This is the Vintage Overdrive from BTE Audio.

Whether you’re going for smooth blues or looking to push the front end of your amp hard enough for heavy metal thunder, an overdrive, especially one that looks like it might be a wee bit of Tube Screamer clone is a good place to start.

Here’s the spiel from the website:

“Soft clipping alone is not sufficient to emulate the elusive creamy character of a legendary vintage overdrive pedal. In order to explore the secret ingredients of legendary sound and feel, every subtlety throughout the entire signal path should be meticulously analyzed and documented. Only this ensures authentic recreation of the exact sound and feel of the legend in the digital domain. TS’ Secret is the result of this keen but painful philosophy.”

“Just like its legendary role model, TS’ Secret preserves the original dynamics of its input signal, which avoids muddiness and vastly improves clarity and responsiveness [see the this article for details]. Regardless of the overdrive amount, it stays in focus and delivers the ultimate touch sensitive dynamic punch.”

Available for Windows.



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