FREE: bx_solo Stereo Tool VST

bx_solo from brainworx (who don’t seem to capitalise anything) is a handy little tool that allows you to develop your M/S technique with the click of a button.

The bx_solo allows you to listen to all the components of your stereo mix or signal—left channel, right channel, mono or stereo—individually. Super handy during the mixing and mastering stage.

“The bx_solo contains a stepped M/S Stereo Width Control, so you can get an impression about what you can actually do with it. Do try it out on subgroups (makes rock guitar subgroups jump out of your speakers at about 150%!), FX returns, keyboards / samplers, etc.”

“Using the Stereo Width Control too heavily may lead to phase problems. bx_control & bx_digital both have the Mono Maker on board – this tool will be able to get rid off these phase problems with its unique way of mono-ing out your stereo signals / mixes only in the bass frequencies – Mono Maker is the solution – unless you really over-do the settings…”


  • Fully automatable
  • “Mouse Over” feature: adjust the parameters by holding the mouse over any knob and simply turn your mouse wheel
  • Direct access: just type in any valid number into the text fields for direct access to the exact value

If you’re getting serious with your mixing and mastering, this looks like a good tool.

Available for Mac and Windows.


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