FREE: 75 MB of Free Samples from Wave Academy

Here’s a huge bunch of primo-sounding samples from the lovable lads Attack Magazine and Wave Alchemy.

“Attack has teamed up with some of the world’s best sound design companies and sample vendors to offer a series of free sample packs. The latest of our exclusive collections comes courtesy of Wave Alchemy.”

“From one-shot drum hit collections like the excellent Drum Hits series through to FX and their ever-increasing selection of loops, you won’t find them jumping on board the latest trends to pump out EDM-trap-brostep packs. Instead, they stick to what they know and let the quality and authenticity shine through.”

“In this 75MB pack you’ll find a selection of synths, loops, tops and one-shots plus 66 exclusive drum hits which can’t be bought or downloaded anywhere else.”

All the samples included are royalty-free (check the licence in the zip file).

Have at it!

PROS: They sound badass

CONS: You’ll have to sign up (free)/login to download them


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