Stone Age Percussion Sample Pack

Okay, weird free thing of the day here. Looking for 9MB of stone-hitting-each-other samples? Of course you’re not. No-one is.

That doesn’t mean, however, that this isn’t pretty cool.

“This is the real rock percussion kit. One holidays I happened to stroll a mountain road into area filled with piles of stones and rock pieces. The weather was fine, the wind was blowing elsewhere and I took the opportunity to take a stone smashing session onto Zoom H2n recorder. Later I chopped it, to make a set of one shot rock hits samples, which I used to build a percussion kit in the sampler. It’s fun and it sounds rather unique.”

“9MB, includes samples in wav format, stereo 96kHz / 24 bit and mappings for Battery 2 or newer, which should also load into Kontakt. Not all of the sounds are mapped in the Battery kit, so take it as a demo and explore the sounds. Also there are no velocity layers or fancy programing, it’s stone age kit after all.”

PROS: Huh?


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